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Effect of FODMAP diet questioned

Despite claims that the diet is 'medically proven' to help IBS sufferers (see our January post below) a new study says the diet has 'very limited' evidence in its favour.



Effects of hypnosis on GI problems

Report by the UNC Center for Functional GI and Motility Disorders



Many IBS patients sensitive to gluten

A six-week study showed that nearly 84% of the gluten-free placebo group showed a significant improvement in symptoms compared to just under 26% for the gluten consuming group. The team responsible for the study suggests that the term of IBS may change or delay an "effective and well-targeted treatment strategy in gluten-sensitive patients."



IBS is psychological as well as physical

Anthony J. Lembo at the 2nd annual Digestive Diseases meeting in Philadelphia says psychological factors should be treated as well as physical symptoms when treating IBS. The article doesn't mention hypnotherapy specifically but certainly implies support for its use.



New blood test to diagnose IBS

Gastroenterologist Dr Mark Pimentel, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in LA, believes his new method could help secure an early diagnosis for patients, avoiding the need for years of medical appointments.



FODMAP diet to help control IBS symptoms

There is now a 'medically proven' treatment which offers relief to three-quarters of patients – the low FODMAP diet. Dietician Dr Sue Shepherd, who first developed the diet, has created an easy-to-follow recipe book that makes identifying ‘trigger’ foods simple.



Taking control of my IBS

Not exactly news, but a really good blog on how an IBS sufferer got control of their symptoms after ten years of struggling.



Links between IBS and abuse

This report investigates the idea that children who are abused or neglected may be more likely to develop IBS later in life. You'll have to register with PubMed to read the whole report.



AGA publish a guide to help identify the best IBS treatments

The American Gastrological Association say their new guideline - published  in the journal Gastroenterology - offers an evidence-based approach to help patients and their doctors navigate the wealth of drug information



IBS affects men and women differently

A new study shows men with IBS tend to experience more social stress and irritability, which leads to them receiving different treatment from their doctors.



Patients with IBS process gut pain differently

It's thought that patients with irritable bowel syndrome cannot block pain signals from the gut as easily as those without the condition.



Natural sugars a culprit in IBS

Growing evidence suggests a novel diet approach that restricts certain natural sugars found in everyday foods can dramatically improve bloating, gas and abdominal pain in most IBS sufferers.




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